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Cutting Drilling Rig 

HDDR80 Cutting Drilling Rig is based on excavator system, with proplusion system at the front end of its movable arm, using cylinder-wire rope to carry forward the hoist mechanism and equipped with air compressor for slagging. The machine is in nice appearance. Its platform can be 360°rotary to locate, which is easy to operate, saving auxiliary operation to improve work efficiency.
      The engine is Japan YANMAR four-cylinder water-cooled diesel engine, rated power 42.9KW/2200rpm with the elastic support tranversely equipped on the platform end.
air-cleaner is the Japan JANMAR with air pre-cleaner at the front end, the engine induction truck has safety original document, which make the engine working more safe and reliable   
Engine cooling system uses a high-capacity water tank that with discharging function, which not only effectively protects the engine, but also ensures the engine can work normally in high tempreture without overheating.
Full-power variable main pump and the engine are directly connected by the flang, the maximum working pressure 25Mpa.
The elastic coupling installed on the diesel engine flywheel drive the main pump. It can effectively eliminate the impact of engine vibration on the main pump.

technical parameters:



Machine weight

7800 Kg

Engine rated power


Fuel tank capacity

125 L

Hydraulic oil tank capacity

120 L



Working pressure


Drilling pipe diameter


Drilling pipe length


Drill type

three-blades cutting drills

Drill diameter


Traveling distance


 operational parameters:

Drilling hole diameter


Drilling hole depth


Rotating torque


Rotating speed


lifting capacity


Traveling speed


working wind pressure


working wind volume


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